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Testimonials - Alumni feedback

"When returning to the LMA, to participate in an information meeting for newcomers, all the emotions I had felt in 2003 for my first registration in 10th grade came back to me. I spent three great years here attending the evening courses with students and teachers who gave me the thirst for knowledge again.
Thanks to Mr. Moreau, whom I thank strongly, I discovered Sociology and I am studying it at the Paris 5 University for the past two years. Thank you LMA for everything."

"It's never too late to start to study or go back to school, the LMA suited me perfectly. I met warmhearted and caring teachers, close to us, and students with whom I keep in touch. When the desire to go back to school comes it is usually punctuated with success."

"It is with great pleasure that I read your invitation to the High School Open House. It brought me back a few years. Well, what to say about the LMA? The school of hope, I would say. The LMA and its teachers have been beneficial to me because they allowed me to pull myself together and to trust myself again. The atmosphere was there, each evening, it is true that the concept of evening courses was very good. When I look back, I realize that it's been 10 years already...
That's incredible. Now, I work as Financial Consultant for Air Liquide on the American continent."

"Without the LMA I could not have taken up my studies again! I was not suited for a conventional school structure. With the LMA, I could keep my work on the side. It was a very good experience, with patience and perseverance; you succeed and learn to be independent."

"Do not get discouraged, you can go back to school. The LMA is very instructive and pleasant, with a very warm and motivating atmosphere. It is important to immediately get into the habit of working regularly; the work method is very important.
The school helped me gain my independence, I was with older people and I learned a lot form them. Studies are ageless, when you want something you can get it! It is all a question of courage.
Remember that you are learning for yourself. And Rule number 1: Be assiduous in your studies."

The LMA gave me a chance to get me back on track.

"You must hang on, have the will to succeed, take pleasure in studying differently as this is a real opportunity that awaits you. I had the chance to meet great teachers, I can never thank them enough. Maybe the way I thanked them was by being assiduous during their courses. It is an experience that I am not soon to forget, thanks to the LMA I was able to reintegrate the school system and evolve successfully."

"Before the LMA, I thought everything was over. I did not have the means to pay any distance learning courses like those of the CNED, because I could no longer benefit from the student rate. I could not join the traditional school system. Once you leave the usual framework, you find yourself on the sideline. The LMA came at the right time.
I arrived in France 9 years ago, I am a Colombian domestic worker and I work 8 hours per day. I confess that I prefer to come to school rather than go to work. I first passed my junior high school exams, I took grammar spelling and conversational classes; I joined the 10th, 11th grades and now I am in 12th grade.
In eight years of study with the Paris City Hall, I am really glad I always managed to pass my exams successfully. If I do not pass the Baccalauréat this year, it does not bother me to come next year because I am in good terms with everybody the students, the teachers and all of the High School staff.
Even though I'm tired after a day of work, it's as if I was resting because I love to go to school. Thereafter, I will certainly pass my accounting degree thanks to ongoing evening courses with the Paris City Hall."

"Three years ago, I decided to pass my Bac exam again. I was very apprehensive because of bad memories from the traditional system. This high school, reconciled me with the education system. 
I am fortunate to have had such passionate teachers who gave me the taste for studies again. Having a heavy and complicated life, I found here people with humanity such as Ms. Noël-Jothy for example. Thanks to a dynamic teaching staff, I started little by little regaining confidence in myself. I even managed to become class representative, which seemed totally inconceivable when I was in high school.
This structure promotes personal investment in projects, which allowed me to gain confidence. Thanks to that, today I found a job. During my last year study, I had many personal issues that affected my presence in class and my motivation. I almost gave up. I talked a lot with the teaching staff who listened and found the right words to encourage me to go on.
I also received a lot of support from the other students. At the end of this year I decided to repeat the 12th grade to restart back on healthy foundations for future higher education.
Today I do not regret this decision because during these three years I was able to rebuild myself and make future plans. It especially helped me make great projects. And for all that I say a big thank you to all the teaching staff because thanks to them I have a promising future."

"I discovered the LMA on television and the idea to start my studies again after a chaotic school experience immediately pleased me. I have attended an information meeting in June 2009, which reinforced my decision.
Once classes began September 14th, I felt comfortable at the LMA, I quickly found my marks and got involved personally in several hours of extra-curricular homework per week.
Only problem my work : indeed, I am a postman, and I get up every day at 5am and I finish between 1pm and 3pm, which leaves me very little time to sleep, study and have a social life. However, I learned that Mr Amar, my French teacher, was himself an LMA student, this really encouraged me to continue."

AFP broadcast June 2013

Arte broadcast 16 June 2013

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