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Booklets and books in print with correcting exercises          
       Volume 1 : Sequences and algorithms          

       All exercises are corrected in the paper version 

Attention  The programming will be done with the calculator TI 82 stat, TI 83 and TI 84.


Chapter 1 : Reminders of the sequences.          

Chapter 2 : Mathematical induction. Limits of sequences          

Chapter 3 :  Limits of functions

Chapter 4 : Continuity and differentiability of a function

Chapter 9 : The complex numbers

Math remedial oral  : 

  • The oral contains two questions ; a speciality question for the concerned. candidates.
  • The test consists of a preparation of about twenty minutes followed by interview of the same duration.
  • You can use your calculator and draft pages.
  • The exercises are an argument for maintaining basic : you prepare the anwers, you need to be able to justify .... 
  • The approach and the relevance of the justifications will be valued.
  • Additional questions can be asked during the interview.