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Class evaluation meetings

The class evaluation meetings, chaired by the Principal or his/her Assistant, is organised three times a year with the class teachers and the class representatives. Students are sometimes invited to come and discuss their particular case.

The class evaluation meetings give the opportunity to :

  • establish a regular communication between the teachers of the same class and create dialogue between all concerned persons, 
  • consolidate or centralize information concerning students and to know them better,
  • report on progress and challenges of each student, summarize their results, write a general school evaluation and formulate personalised recommendations.
  • examine educational issues concerning class life.

Class evaluation meetings 

1. Each teacher is asked to give their overall assessment of the class.

2. The class evaluation meetings consist in the case by case examination of the student’s progress: each teacher summarizes the results obtained by the student and gives advice to guide the student in his/her work.

3. The referent teacher of the class or Principal, expresses after consulting all teachers, the assessment on the report card. The following commentaries may be issued :

  • "Encouragements" intended to support the student’s efforts, regardless of his/her grades,

  • "Compliments" underlines the student’s efforts and results,

  • "Congratulations" are rewarding.



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