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Schedules and class sizes

Classes are held from September to June :  they are scheduled in the evening from 6pm to 10pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9am to 13pm for the 12th grade classes.

Consequently the 10th and 11th grades have 20 hours of courses per week.
The 12th grade has a weekly total of 24 hours.

In the evening, a break is scheduled from 7:50pm to 8:10pm, and Saturday mornings from 10:50am to 11:10am.

Nine classes each composed of 20-30 students, for a total of 270 students maximum.

- Three 10th grade classes (ES, L and S) ;
- Three 11th grade classes (ES, L and S) ;

- Three 12th grade classes (ES, L and S).

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Programs and courses :

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LMA’s educational website,
Check out also the free CNED’s website du CNED academy-enligne.fr

Download the LMA class schedules (pdf format).

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