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Why the French Baccalauréat ?

Sometimes it seems that society is divided, as concerns education, between those who have the Bac and those who do not! How many times have we heard :"He has at least the Bac" , "He doesn’t even have the Bac" ?

The Bac remains highly symbolic. It is even becoming a  "minimum" standard of education as job announcements always mention it. In short, we can no longer do without the Bac.

The Bac, when it is well prepared, represents a sum of learning far from negligible.

This is indeed an important and solid set of knowledge that helps understand the world in which we live in: it is a wide and solid foundation allowing lifelong learning.

Obtaining the general Bac degree shows ability to learn, appropriation of methodological and know-how knowledge and provides access to higher education.

Finally it opens doors for further studies in higher education. Either at University, preparatory classes to elite schools, institutes, the field is wide with many possibilities offered to graduates.

Whether you are 20, 30, 40, 50 years old or over, you enter the LMA to prepare the Bac, in 10th, 11th or 12th grade - often for three consecutive years in order to reclaim your career

Seizing this opportunity, it is also to challenge oneself to acquire knowledge and to reveal ones endless resources !<

Attendance, concentration, perseverance are essential to keep up. Attendance at courses without forgetting homework, lessons and reviews, in addition to a job and family life require strong determination and a lot of motivation.

The path is challenging! You have to reconnect with the concepts of "problematic" and "argumentative essay" apply teachers’ suggestions and learn to build a dissertation plan, for example.

The LMA staff supports students through coaching and commitment as well as through supported guidance in a caring environment.

If some students do give up, most of them will graduate. And two thirds continue studies in higher education.

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