The pedagogical project

The educational project of the Lycée d'Adultes is rooted in its history (the archives date from 1922) and its vocation: to allow adults to resume their studies. It is based on principles of openness and educational adjustment aimed at creating favorable conditions for the success of students. The courses from the 10th grade to 12th grade are thought of as a long process where the adult acquires autonomy as a future student.

The whole pedagogical team adheres to the following educational principles :

  • targeted expectations and dscipline in a caring climate,
  • respect of the individuality of the students and of their personal and professional projects.

The aim of the courses is to allow each adult to reveal their potential, by developing the skills, theoretical and methodological knowledge essential to succeed the BAC exam, and beyond in their higher studies. Reasoning, development of critical thinking, work autonomy, cultural openness, relational, organizational and collaborative skills are as many competencies that students are encouraged to develop during their schooling at the Lycée d'Adultes.

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In the 10th grade, the first objective consists in restoring the desire for studies without being discouraging. But in all classes, the specific nature of an adult public implies developing suitable teaching and learning practices. Indeed, in an adult class, the teacher continuously asks the students about what they know and calls on them to mobilize knowledge and skills acquired outside school.

Before even addressing the content of the program, it is therefore advisable to teach how to :

  • Listen, in the sense of receiving another vision which can sometimes offend or embarrass, and therefore develop an open mind,
  • Understand, that is to say, grasp the context, the interdependencies, the multiple dimensions of a subject ;
  • Challenge your own knowledge,
  • Think on your own.

A dedicated pedagogical team

The teachers of the Lycée d'Adultes are the members of an educational team whose common goals consist of both facilitating the return to studies (by helping the adult to re-enroll in schooling and to take the BAC exam) and encouraging to share challenges and experiences.

For contracted teachers, the timetable includes, in addition to face-to-face teaching hours, additional hours for administrative tasks, and pedagogical reflexion hours (student welcome, tutoring and listening to students, personalized support, development of methodological documents accessible on the Website).

Essential guidance and support

Each student can benefit from individual guidance with the Principal, the pedagogical adviser or a teacher during formal individual meetings. It could be accompanying students in their progression on their educational path, identifying learning processes, allowing the students to be actors of their educational path or building their learning project.

Personalized progression reviews take place during class progress meetings, which allow the students to measure their achievements against set objectives and to project progression objectives for the following trimester. The individual exchange, which can take place at the student's request during class progress meetings, allows the students to identify strength and weaknesses.

Students with learning difficulties are identified at various levels of theoretical assessments given by teachers. Personalized support is offered in several subjects in order to rework the problems identified based on the analysis of their difficulty.

Particular attention is provided to students in socio-economic difficulties, with the support of the class representatives who can relay specific situations.

A time to listen and to share discussions is regularly offered to the class by the Teacher Representative for the class. Each student has the opportunity to seek advice or to address certain issues.

A lively, energizing place

How to create an environment favorable to the return to studies and not to discourage the students, a place where they can exchange and have a better vision of themselves ?

The Lycée d'Adultes strives :

  • to create, beyond a place of transmission of knowledge, a space for socialization and cultural enrichment, a place for resources and exchanges, in a friendly atmosphere ;
  • to make knowledge attractive, by encouraging a relationship to knowledge based on curiosity and sharing.

The development of the Website, and events such as social gatherings, conferences, Open Doors, the BAC festival are also strong aspects of school life.