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Class representatives and tutoring

The class representatives are the students' contacts and represent them. They listen to students in order to gather their concerns, opinions and proposals and bring this to the attention of the Teacher Representative for the class, the Pedagogical Assistant, the Principal and the Vice Principal, as well as the entire teaching staff during class progress meetings.

Indeed, they attend the quarterly class progress meetings. They can on this occasion, ask teachers questions, express specific expectations on behalf of the class, intervene and issue an opinion on particular student cases.

Class representatives prepare the class progress meeting by individually contacting their classmates and as well as inquiring about class expectations or remarks as a group ; they sometimes offer students to fill out a questionnaire.

After the class progress meeting, the class representatives give an oral report to the class. They can also offer to talk to students individually.

Class representatives are in charge of the course binder Whenever possible, they put the documents provided by the teachers in the "course materials" binder that students can look at whenever they want. However, they are not obliged to lend their own lecture notes or photocopy to absent students.

Class representatives attend monthly meetings organised by the Principal and the Vice Principal focusing on the organisation of the Lycée d'Adultes, the atmosphere of the school and in the classrooms. Among the issues addressed: the community life, the school calendar, the high school journal, examination registrations, preparation of school social events times.

Ideally, each student should have a tutor. In reality, given their professional and family constraints, registrants rarely have the opportunity to regularly support another person. On the other hand, small working groups often form based on shared affinities.

Piece jointe

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