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Why the BAC ?

First of all, this diploma is essential to entering the work market and accessing higher education. Anyone, regardless of age or diploma, can sit the BAC exam. However, it is difficult to learn and prepare for a diploma that validates a three-year course. It is better to learn with teachers, in groups, in contact with others. Nothing replaces a course given by a teacher with method and preparation. Practising, getting advice from teachers, chatting and training with peers is also very beneficial. A solid preparation in a structured framework allows to prepare this diploma in good conditions and to acquire a useful base for the pursuit of higher studies.

Secondly, obtaining the BAC diploma testifies to an ability to learn, an appropriation of knowledge and methodological know-how, thus allowing access to higher education. This solid background helps us to better understand the world in which we live in and gives us the possibility of becoming lifelong learners. Once obtained, it opens many doors including those of higher education. The opportunities available for graduates are vast !

Thirdly, the BAC is part of an experience that unites all generations, a base of comparable knowledge among all. Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 50 and over, entering the Lycée d'Adultes, to prepare for the bac, in 10th, 11th or 12th grade - often for three consecutive years - means taking back conrol of your life. For an adult, to seize this opportunity is to challenge oneself. First, that of acquiring new knowledge and intellectual effort, to discover new skills by revealing and developing one's own resources.

Preparing for the BAC as an adult also gives the opportunity to enrich one's behavioral and relational skills by confronting the group and otherness. The intergenerational, cultural and social mix, characteristic of the adult audience, has the effect of energizing the classes while promoting solidarity and citizenship. The maturity of the students contribute in creating a good atmosphere, the older ones are more receptive and calm, they reassure the younger ones and are rejuvenated in return. Initiation to life in society requires respecting the rules of knowing how to live in a group, adopting attitudes of openness towards each other, for example by leaving space for everyone to speak, and by preventing themselves from making negative judgments on others in order to avoid rivalries or conflicts.

As the course progresses, the students feel more assured, their progress is a source of genuine personal satisfaction, their relationship with knowledge and the group evolves and reassures them. Thus they recreate for themselves internal and external references, becoming aware of their value through successive accomplishments: results, assessments, mutual assistance, etc. By obtaining this coveted and emblematic diploma, they feel their social belonging, after having felt excluded for a long time.

Acquiring a general knowledge base and solid foundation, we observe that this audience regains self-esteem and enough confidence to project themselves into a professional and social future evolution.

Most of the students of the Lycée d'Adultes are going through a process of personal transformation. Thanks to a clearer vision of their intellectual potential and their skills, they are preparing for a radical change in their professional and personal development. The BAC is part of their future self which they can now reclaim and influence.

Piece jointe

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