Why the BAC ?

Anyone, regardless of age or diploma, can sit the BAC exam, which is essential for access to professional life and higher education. However, it is difficult to learn and prepare on your own a diploma that validates a three-year course. Nothing replaces a course given by a teacher with method and preparation. Practising, getting advice from teachers, chatting and training with peers is also very beneficial. A solid preparation in a structured framework allows to prepare this diploma in good conditions.

Once obtained, it opens many doors including those of higher education. The opportunities available for graduates are vast !

Whether you are 20, 30, 40 or 50 and over, entering the Lycée d'Adultes, to prepare for the bac, in 10th, 11th or 12th grade - often for three consecutive years - means taking back conrol of your life. For an adult, to seize this opportunity is to challenge oneself : that of acquiring new knowledge and intellectual effort, to discover new skills by revealing and developing one's own resources.

Preparing for the BAC as an adult also gives the opportunity to enrich one's behavioral and relational skills by confronting the group and otherness. The intergenerational, cultural and social mix, characteristic of the adult audience, has the effect of energizing the classes while promoting solidarity and mutual aid.

As the program develops, the students feel more confident, their progress is a source of genuine personal satisfaction, their relationship with knowledge and the group evolves and reassures them.

Acquiring a general knowledge base and solid foundation, the students regain self-esteem and enough confidence to project themselves into a future professional and social evolution.