Testimonials - Alumni feedback

Alumnus 2019

I signed up in 2016, I was already a building super attendant. The BAC allowed me to regain self-confidence and tell myself that I was able to reach a goal. Because of my professional responsibility, I have not been able to enroll in university but I often think of pursuing higher education without knowing which path to follow.. I will be happy to come back to the Lycée d'Adultes for an event. One of my most beautiful encounters was with our Economics Teacher.

Alumnus 2018

My best memory is the spirit of togetherness, this family aspect that I have not found since I left the Lycée d'Adultes. Mutual aid is the watchword, even if we know very little. Currently, I am studying a double degree course in philosophy and sociology at the Paris 1 University of. The Lycée d'Adultes gave me a second chance, I took revenge on life. Now I know that anything is possible, that you always have to believe in your dreams. I combine work and studies, I am still a full-time storekeeper.

Alumnus 2017

What memories do I keep?!? Full of memories. It was a very rich experience. I have met exceptional people. Beautiful friendships were created: thanks to the evenings with the other students of my class, we became like a small family. The teachers have always had a benevolant pedagogy. The Lycée d'Adultes gave me the opportunity to enroll in university with more serenity. Currently I am studying linguistics specializing in sign language with a minor in French as a foreign language.

Alumnus 2016

I had to drop by to tell you about my success. I continued the evening classes at the Paris City hall and I obtained a BTS in Management, I plan to enroll in a Licence degree next year! Thank you for everything, see you soon.

Alumnus 2015

It's finished ! It's finally over !!!!!

So this message is to simply thank everyone.

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Today, I am very happy and (I dare not be modest!). Very proud to have finally succeeded, at over 40 years old, in obtaining this diploma, that many (those who have it, especially) consider as unnecessary or outdated. Proud and happy that my efforts during the past year have not been in vain: the weeks of 60 hours and more (not counting transportation time), social life put aside, friends not often seen, stacks of notebooks and books all over the apartment, it's all over !! I even wonder if I will miss it ... On second thought, I don't think so :)

Thank you to the teachers: for their tolerance, their commitment, their patience when we asked questions over and over again, their strength to motivate us while everyone was sleepy after 9 pm, their understanding when we snacked in the middle of class because we were hungry.

I will always remember this adventure - because it is one of a kind! - full of memories: the arrangements at work on certain busy days to be on time, the race to the metro after the office, the breakfasts which disrupted a few lessons on Saturday, cakes and other treats discreetly exchanged in the evening between students (solidarity was playing at full capacity!), the queue in front of the coffee machine (mint tea without sugar), the Lycée d'Adultes gardien and his inevitable "good evening", the great debates with the teachers, this permanent fear of failing on the day of the BAC exam, and the endless discussions on this subject, the frantic race at 10 p.m. to catch the bus, the giggles also, and the burst of anger sometimes ...

A special thought for all these people from different backgrounds met at the Lycée d'Adultes and all motivated by the same goal.

Alumnus 2014

I obtained my Literary BAC Diploma (with honors) in July 2014.

In September of the same year I started History at the University Center of Clignancourt. I ended it soon after having a hard time adjusting to the university system. I am currently an education assistant in a Junior High School. I plan to enroll in various evening courses for adults in order to deepen my knowledge in foreign languages.

I would like to thank you, once again, for the opportunity you have given me. I would also like to thank all the members of the Lycée d'Adultes, without whom such an exceptional institution would not exist. I sincerely hope that this structure will develop in the rest of France in order to give a "second chance" to others.

Alumnus 2013

Since obtaining my BAC Diploma ES in 2013 at the Lycée d'Adultes, I have enrolled at the CNAM in Paris (national healthcare insurance office) in a professional degree specializing in town and country planning at CNAM in Paris (practically finalized - an essay dissertation to write and present in front of a jury). Since December 2014, I have been working in the municipal economic service at the City Town Hall of Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, as head of the employment department.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team of the Lycée d'Adultes for offering me the opportunity to prepare and retake a BAC exam which was the stepping stone for continuing my resumption of studies. It was a real opportunity and an unforgettable experience.

Thank you also to all the teaching staff who have always been available, attentive and of real support, which is very precious especially when you have to reconcile studies and professional activity.

I hope that this testimony will be useful to you and sincerely hope that this school will continue to exist for very long years.

Alumnus 2012

I obtained my Scientific BAC exam in 2012, then I enrolled in a geography degree at the Sorbonne University in 2012-2013. Without the Lycée d'Adultes I could never have obtained this BAC Diploma. This school represents an open sesame.

A BAC Diploma in your pocket, a little more spring in your steps, the possibilities that multiply ... These are as many simple or complicated stories as there are students encountered ... The learning required to obtain the BAC Dilpoma has always been challenging at the Lycée d'Adultes. It's a unique institution in the world.

The Lycée d'Adultes must remain an example of another, alternative way to access the right to learn, like the experimental high schools of Paris, of Saint-Nazaire, or even those of the second chance ...

Alumnus 2011

After obtaining my BAC Diploma in 2011, I continued to work in a primary school as a supervisor while following a course in psychology at Paris Diderot University. After two years of validated studies, I decided to pursue with educational studies for a 3rd year degree distance at the learning institute of Paris 8 University, this while working as an educational assistant at André Malraux Junior High School in Paris. I think to continue serenely towards a master in teaching, education next year.

Without the Lycée d'Adultes all these things would have been impossible for me, I can only be grateful to have been able to enroll in your high school. I regained self-confidence thanks to you and your team.

Alumnus 2010

My experience at the Lycée d'Adultes was essential because it allowed me to bounce back by having a second chance in high school, in a flexible structure, listening to students' story, sometimes difficult. I am very grateful to you.

I took my literary BAC exam, specialized in English, in June 2010.

From 2010 to 2013, I enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree in History of Art and English LLCE at the Catholic Institute of Paris, which I obtained with honors and without any remediation, I then directed my choice towards a Research Master in History of Art and Archeology at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

obtained my Master 1 degree in June 2014 and my Master 2 degree in September 2015, and both with honors (between 16.5 and 17/20 overall average).

I followed in parallel with my Masters 1 and 2 a training in Arabic literary at INALCO (4 hours a week in evening classes).

During my graduate studies, I had the opportunity to do a whole series of internships and fixed-term contracts and I was able to obtain great professional experiences in major Parisian and international institutions (Musée du Louvre, Musée national des arts asiatiques-Guimet, contemporary art gallery of Shanghai in China etc.).

I now work with several important archaeological missions in the Middle East: the Franco-Kuwaiti archaeological mission in Faïlaka and a mission in Beirut in partnership with the French Institute for the Middle-East and the General Directorate of Antiquities of Lebanon.

So I started from a failure in 11th grade at the French-German High School of Buc, but the Lycée d'Adultes, giving me confidence and giving hope and prospects to my dreams, allowed me to acquire an intellectual independence and an openness of spirit that I still enjoy today.

I wholeheartedly hope that this Lycée d'Adultes will continue to exist because it is worth it, for all the former and future students who have and will benefit from its unique structure. The Lycée d'Adultes allowed me to flourish and regain self-confidence. Thank you for that.